Gender selection occurs in uterus. No other ‘Tips or Tricks’ will work.

Mission statement.
1) To educate long time misguided women that the process of gender selection is genetically controlled and only Urobiologics has the technology to manage this powerful potential. It is now easy to get the desired baby without going into complexity of what to eat, sexual positions or polarity of eggs. Just conceive in desired cycle.

2) To educate couples that It is not necessary to get two or three babies of same gender first and then look for help. Gender planning should start even before wedding. Thousands of companies are scamming couples with false promises to get them babies they desire. NONE OF THEM have any scientific basis or study.

Company policy
To truthfully guide women how to balance family by showing the right way.

What’s gender contract?

This is for couples having three or more babies of same gender and especially for those with irregular cycles, PCOS or other hormonal issues. As per graphs, since the window for conceiving a desired gender is smaller, we needed to offer unlimited testing up to 18 months. It’s a package of fully dedicated individualized service backed by highly specialized tests to help couples get the baby of desired gender with 94% confidence as compared to just 37% as in case of IVF. Under this plan, one can name the baby in advance and watch how this program gets the dream boy or girl in the family.

Here we offer two PreGender Preconception tests plus any number of PreGender tests mutually discussed till they conceive. This plan is a blessing for fertile couple. If conception is an issue, with your permission, we will help you work with intrauterine insemination (IUI) clinic of your choice. You will need to arrange with them in which cycle to perform IUI. This way, you may get your baby in just first attempt, saving you a lot of hassle & money. Although 94 couples out of 100 will get their desired babies, the remaining 6% opposite results is not the error of test as explained under PreGender test. To these 6% couples we will refund $1000 out of respect. At least we are not lying as most IVF/IUI clinics do. They know they can’t be more than 37% successful, but still charge thousands and do not refund a dime. FirstGender Post-conception test is excluded from this deal. All the terms and conditions of service agreement shown at the website apply. This contract expires 18 months after purchase or after conception whichever comes first. All shipping costs are paid by customers.

Consultations & appointments

Consultation and appointments are free of cost at this time. Please call direct at 313 574 7500