Live Charts 2018

We are delighted to restart our famous ‘Live Charts’ where we will display all the test results in advance ‘as we go’ and later on see how they match with ultrasound scan results. We include customer’s email address (or phone number), so that any new potential customers may contact them before buying our services. They may or may not reply. The response may be good or bad. We give this power to our customers. We promise to do our honest best. We are taking this bold step to show the power of our gender specific conception program and also to prove that the uterus selects the gender of baby. 

Our success rate has grown slowly from 80% in 2008 to 94% currently. That means, if 100 couples try to conceive, say a boy, 94 will get a boy if they conceive in a boy cycle as guided by PreGender test. Remaining 6% can get a girl. That is not an ‘error’ of this test as explained elsewhere. Only those who allow us to post their information will be shown.


Women are encouraged to voluntarily participate in Live Charts by emailing the following info to us. By submitting this information, you are permitting Urobiologics to display your information in Live Charts. 

1) Your name _______________________ (For our records only. Will not be displayed)

2) Trying to conceive a____________  (boy or girl)  

3) Proposed name of the baby __________________ (This is a must)

4) Your private email address or phone number ___________________________  (Please create a private email address, without disclosing your name, and send it to us. This will be displayed.)


PC1 = 1st PreGender test

PC2 = 2nd PreGender test

PSD = Period Start Date

CPS = Conception Plan Sent

FGT = FirstGender Post-conception test.

This is how your test information will appear.

Case #1

Customer’s email: 

Trying to conceive = Girl 

Proposed name of baby = Grace

1st PreGender test 7/13/17 indicated girl phase

2nd PreGender test 8/9/17, indicated boy phase

PSD 8/22/17, Girl phase started, CPS

PSD 9/18/17, Boy phase started 

PSD 10/15/17, Girl phase started, CPS

PSD 11/8/17 Boy phase started 

PSD 12/6/17 Girl phase started, CPS

PSD 1/1/18 Boy phase started

3rd PreGender test 1/15/18 confirmed boy phase

PSD 1/26/18 Girl Phase started, CPS, Conceived                  

FGT 2/23/18 detected Girl, WELCOME GRACE!



Testimonial: "Got my results today (4/17/18) from my blood test. It says we are having a healthy (low risk) BABY GIRL !!:-)  YAYYY!! Thank you!!"

Case #2

Customer’s email: 

Trying to conceive = Boy

Proposed name of baby = Bowen

1st PreGender test 11/20/18 indicated boy phase

2nd PreGender test 12/5/18, indicated girl phase

She wants to send 3rd PreGender test in next cycle to be sure she's in boy phase.

PSD 12/18/18, Boy phase started, CPS

PC3 collected on 12/27/18 confirmed boy phase.

PSD 1/12/18 Girl phase started


Case #3

Customer’s email:

Trying to conceive = Boy

Proposed name of baby = Maxim

PC1 9/25/18 showed Boy phase
PC2 10/20/18 Girl phase
PSD 11/4/18 Boy phase started. CPS
PSD 11/30/18 Girl phase started

PSD  12/28/18 Boy phase started, CPS


Case #4

Customer’s email: 

Trying to conceive = Boy

Proposed name of baby = Jason

PC1 1/10/18 showed boy phase

PC2 2/20/18 showed girl phase

PSD 3/9/18 Boy phase started, CPS

PSD 4/4/18 Girl phase started

PSD 5/4/18 Boy phase started, CPS   PSD 6/3/18 Girl phase started

PSD 7/3/18 Boy phase started, CPS   PSD 8/3/18 Girl phase started

PSD 9/2/18 Boy phase started, CPS   PSD 10/4/18 Girl phase started

PSD 11/6/18 Boy phase started, CPS


FGT 12/20/18 Detected M, WELCOME JASON

Waiting for U/S confirmation.

Case #5

Customer’s email:

Trying to conceive = Boy

Proposed name of baby = Justin

PC1 12/6/18 showed boy phase

PC2 1/2/19 showed girl phase

PSD 1/17/19 Boy phase started, CPS


Case #6


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