Shipping Policy

We do not ship any material like urine collection kit, bottles, any shipping envelops or labels from our location to the ordering customer. Customers are requested to collect urine samples as instructed under various test sections at the website. They must download two forms provided at the end of each test section. One of them is ‘Exempt Human Specimen, Non-infectious’ declaration. Customer must print it, reverse fold it and paste it outside the shipping envelop. This is for the custom officials to see. This way it is cleared by them faster. Alternately, customer can write “Exempt Human Specimen, Non-infectious” with hand on the outer covering of package.Since we do not ship anything upon receipt of order and payment, it is not considered a sale of any item by us.

If the package has shipping address from state of New York or Maryland, we will not process it and may cancel the order and return the payment.