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See what some of our customers are saying about our PreGender and FirstGender testing services! We are pioneers in gender planning and determination. All our tests are 100 percent natural, non-invasive, and without medication or manipulation.

These testimonials are participants from Live Charts we ran in 2012 and 2015. Currently our success rate is much higher due to multiple improvements in the process.



There are no words how could I describe how happy and thankful we are about the birth of our beautiful and healthy daughter! Thank you and your team for letting this dream come true! It's so amazing what you have discovered and the service and assistance you offer is just stunning. Best regards from Switzerland. S.H.

- swissrosa84@gmx.ch, Switzerland 4/18/14 (Tried to conceive a girl using PreGender test. Conceived in a girl phase)



It's a girl it's a girl it's a girl!!!!!!!! How will I EVER BE ABLE TO THANK YOU?!! I just got my DNA test results and I am, indeed, expecting a girl!!! You have changed my life in the best possible way and completed my family - truly made my dream come true. I have told you many times, but I am still shocked that Urobiologics is not known all over and the go-to method for natural and easy gender planning... as a physician myself, the science makes sense and I can only wish you the most success. Your life's work has singlehandedly changed my life and I will never, ever be able to give you enough thanks and praise.

I don't know how you manage all of the research and work and STILL maintain such amazing communication with your customers. Although I had some challenges, your kindness, constant contact and help made this success so EASY - I will forever be grateful. Please let me know in any way how I might help you and your company. I am such a believer and feel lucky to be one of the ones who was smart enough to use it!!!! All my thanks and appreciation. 

- momstons14@gmail.com, California 3/10/14 (Tried to conceive a girl using PreGender test. Conceived in a girl phase)



Dear Dr. Verma, We just had an ultra sound done and the gender of the baby is as you predicted. Your guidance for pre-conception, keeping in mind our health, age, and other factors were very helpful. We thank you for helping us plan for this boy. This means a lot for our parents and family members.

- Vishvasmay@gmail.com, Canada 3/8/14 (Tried to conceive a boy using PreGender test. Conceived in a boy phase)




Hello Dr. Verma, We had 13-week scan and the sonographer said it definitely looks like a boy and we go for our 19-week scan in three weeks' time to confirm it's a boy. When we do, I'll be sure to email through the news. We are so excited about it and already name our little boy Clancy so hoping it is a success for us too 

- Eternalenv@ymail.com, Australia 9/2/13 (Tried to conceive a boy using PreGender test. Conceived in a boy phase)



Dr. Verma, thank you very much for your help and excellent communication throughout the process of pre and post-conception. You immediately returned any phone calls or emails regardless of what day or time it was throughout the entire process and it certainly didn't go unnoticed...it was nice to know you were always there. We decided to plan our girl using PreGender test and you confirmed at 5 weeks that we were expecting a girl and it is now confirmed via ultrasound that we are indeed expecting a girl! We are thrilled to have our little girl complete our family and we can't thank you enough for your help throughout the whole process. We wish you and Urobiologics all the best in the future!

- ksovie01@gmail.com, USA 9.2.2013 (Tried to conceive a girl using PreGender test. Conceived in a girl phase)



We have been using the services of Dr. Verma for the last eight years and our whole circle of friends have been fascinated by his work. I delivered my son solely because of help through PreGender test and was lucky to get pregnant in boy phase. Amazingly, all the tests showed a boy. Super thriller services, I must say. Five of our friends have used these tests and only one had an opposite outcome back in 2008. We guess techniques were not perfect then. Nobody is perfect and still we say bravo!

- Pawitter Dosanjh, Calgary AB 8.22.2013 : (Tried to conceive a boy using PreGender test. Conceived in a boy phase)




Good Morning Dr. Verma, I went for an Ultrasound this Saturday at 15 weeks and they confirmed that it's a boy. I cannot thank you enough. Please pray for us for a healthy baby. 

- riyarima@outlook.com, Canada - 8.19.2013 (Tried to conceive a boy using PreGender test. Conceived in a boy phase)




By God's grace and your expert medical assistance we had our 14-week scan result today which is a boy with 95 percent accuracy as told by ultrasound person. Thanks to you from the bottom of my heart and my wife for helping our dream come true.

- jayashreem78@googlemail.com, UK - 1.9.2013 (Tried to conceive a boy using PreGender test. Conceived in a boy phase)




The ultrasound is complete. We have a healthy baby BOY on the way. Thank you for your expertise. We are beyond excited!

- elh122880@yahoo.com, USA - 5.25.2012 (Tried to conceive a boy using Pregender test. Conceived in a boy phase)




Hello Urobiologics! We proudly announce that you have been correct twice, one in my own case in 2011 and now my sister-in-law tells me that the blood DNA test also confirmed a boy for her. Please accept our heartiest respect for your amazing service. You have been a big support all the times. We will be referring many cases without a second thought. Wonderful.

- pmannsi@yahoo.com, Canada - 3.24.2013 (Referred her sister-in-law who tried to conceive a boy using PreGender test. Conceived in a boy phase)




Hello! I just had my sonogram done at 16 wks. 3 days and the technician confirmed it's a boy. Thanks so much. 

- perminder.thiara@gmail.com, USA - 3.8.2013 (Tried to conceive a boy using Pregender test. Conceived in a boy phase)




Hello Dr. Verma, We had an U/S scan yesterday at 14 weeks and 2 days and the technician confirmed it's a BOY. We are fortunate and grateful to your service and guidance. "UROBIOLOGICS is an AMAZING DISCOVERY, thanks for FULFILLING OUR DREAM."

- anusandy81@gmail.com, USA - 3.16.2013 (Tried to conceive a boy using Pregender test. Conceived in a boy phase)




Hello, Dr. Verma! This is Olga and want to share my ultrasound results from 18 weeks, are you ready, you WERE RIGHT - I am having two girls! Thanks for your services! Very excited right now!

- olgak@runbox.com, USA - 7.13.2012 (Tried to conceive a girl using Pregender test. Conceived in a girl phase. We detected a girl. Her 12 wk u/s found identical twins. Retest by us confirmed twin girls)




I just don't know how to say this. I completed my family through preconception advice from Urobiologics. I got my son last week. It is really amazing that simply by conceiving in the cycles recommended by them one can get the baby they wanted. As I didn't go for any other test, skepticism kept me occupied all the time during pregnancy. Now I am a stronger believer in this technology.

- Gloria Hu, Netherlands – 2. 11.2012 




To a wonderfully clever genius! Louisa Emma Hine was born on 5th October 2011 at 8.25am weighing 7lb 4oz. Wonderful labor and birth. Attached is a picture of my 3 beautiful children: Thomas, Christian and Louisa. Thank you so very much. 

- Emma Hine, UK – 10.05.2011 




This is a very useful program for people who want to plan their family. I had two girls and I got my son because of this. Test results after one of my previous pregnancies were also accurate. Thank you so much!

- Gill, Ontario, Canada – 10.5.2010 



I would like to say many thanks to Dr. Verma for discovering my baby's gender almost 4 and ½ weeks into my pregnancy. I have two girls and wanted a boy this time I have done the Pre and Post-Conception tests and Dr. Verma have been very helpful with the whole process. He advised me to conceive in appropriate cycles for boy and finally I got a boy in July.

- C. Patel, New Jersey, USA – 8.26.2010 : (Tried to conceive a boy using Pregender test. Conceived in a boy phase)



I sent my results when I was 5-6-weeks pregnant. I wanted to receive faster results and a couple of days I called Dr. Verma myself and heard that it would be a girl. I was so happy but still had doubts until I saw the photo with ultrasound where the doctor showed me and wrote a 100 percent girl for me. I cannot wait to meet my daughter. Thank you so much.

- Anna Smagulova, PA - 5.13.2010 




When I was 6-weeks pregnant I wanted so much to know about the baby's gender. I know I will love my baby no matter if it is a boy or a girl. But I was still curious. I searched on the Internet, read other mothers' comments on the websites about their own experiences and I came to know of this website. Some other mothers posted their comments about this website and other accused them that they worked for the company and just wanted to do marketing to promote Urobiologics. I decided to call and spoke directly to Dr. Verma. He answered all my concerns and I felt this is the one I can trust. So I completed my order and the package was sent to me quickly. I made several calls and wrote some emails to Dr. Verma again to check how to collect the urine sample correctly. He always answered my questions right away. I sent in my sample and a few days later I received the report from him saying that I was expecting a baby boy. I thanked him for the result but at that point, I was still wondering if it is correct. It was not that I did not trust Dr. Verma. He is very professional, but as the first time user, I need to prove that this method works. Today I did my 3-D ultrasound and the technician confirms it is indeed a boy.

- Alice, Canada – 5.08.2010 




I have two daughters. With this pregnancy, I came to know about the FirstGender test. My test report came to be a female fetus. I was very disappointed after five months when my u/s scan detected a boy. So that means, we can't make a blind decision.

- Hardeep Kaur, Germany - 5.02.2010 




I am happy to tell my niece about your work. You were all correct in telling her a boy in the sixth week last year. Good job!

- A. Nisar, Lahore, Pakistan – 3.04.2010 




I just wanted to let you know we got a 16-week ultrasound and it is a boy!!!!!!!!! Thanks for being the first to let us know.

- Dr. Rupam Khanna, USA - 1.30.2010 




My wife was 5 weeks pregnant at that time and we were thrilled to know that we could find the gender that early. For my wife who likes to plan things ahead, it is nice to prepare and to shop for baby stuff with a little time she has after work. Within a week after receiving the sample collection package, we received a personal email to congratulate us for our upcoming baby boy. Our appreciation of this service grew tremendously when we found out analysis to be correct. And now we are holding a healthy boy. What I liked most was that the test was done by mail and none of us had to travel to their lab out of the state. The service was prompt and excellent overall. I have already recommended several friends including my OB/GYN colleagues to this service. I sincerely wish Urobiologics to achieve great success in this field.

- Dr. Michael, New York, N.Y. – 12.01.2009 



If anyone is interested to find the gender, FirstGender Test is the right way to go. I have tried this test as well advised some of my friends. The results are true and fast!

- Raj Saron, Toronto, Canada - 11.16.2009 




I am pleased to add my testimonial here. I posted my experience at in-gender.com and the ladies there just do not believe this. I already have two boys. The latest one, born November 2007, was correctly evaluated by your company. I wanted to plan for a girl. Last time I wanted to buy the PreGender Test from Urobiologics, but some 'expert' women on internet scared me but after discussing with you several times I ordered it and am glad I did. I want to explain to other readers in details. I have perfect 28-day cycles. I received two sample bottles, one for each month. I was personally instructed about collecting samples near ovulation period only for one day in one bottle for each cycle. I did on dated June 10, 2008 and July 7, 2008 and shipped both the bottles in the ready shipping bag they provided. They found my first sample was negative (for girl conception) and the other one was positive. That meant that my cycles were alternating and for a girl I was advised to plan for conception in alternate negative cycles falling in the months of August, or October or December. I missed my periods on October 14, 2008 and pregnancy test confirmed I was pregnant. When I informed them about my conception in a negative cycle, his response was "You got it. Start collecting samples TODAY for a post-conception test". For this test, we need to collect for two consecutive nights in one bottle, so I did it on October 17 and 18. I received their FirstGender Test package on October 20th and mailed it back the same day. When I called him on 27th he reported a girl for me and believe me it was SO THRILLING. My u/s exam has already confirmed the girl I wanted. I am wondering why is this program not well known?

- Lisa Adams – 10.25.2009 




This company is doing wonderful work and because of that only I just got my twin sons after four girls. My friend Sarbjit Dosanjh sent me to them. She even paid for me from her card for my tests. She got her boy in 2006 after two girls through this company. After testing 2 samples before pregnancy I got a plan to get a boy. When I got pregnant in February 2009 they told me a boy. All of us were extremely happy. Now last week I got twin boys, all healthy. I am recommending this company to all my friends. Thanks Urobiologics!

- A. Sarkaria, LaSalle QB Canada – 10.16.2009 : (Tried to conceive a boy using Pregender test. Conceived in a boy phase)




When I got pregnant in December 2007, I was looking for ways to find the gender. I was confused between urine test by Urobiologics and DNA tests offered by other companies. I work in the same complex where Urobiologics is housed. I remained hesitant to use their services due to this confusion. Time went by and I was in my 16th week and my u/s exam was set for April 17. By chance, I talked to Dr. Verma about it on April 10th and told about my confusion. He took time to clear all of my doubts and I wanted to share with others. Both the tests are done in early stages but the urine gender test by Urobiologics is far better in accuracy than blood Y-DNA test and can determine the gender of your baby even two days ahead of due date. Recently they discovered a new concept and are almost guaranteeing the accuracy. Anyway, when I told him about my u/s exam, he offered me a free test with a comment "I want to show you the power of urine test BEFORE the u/s exam". I agreed and he reported a girl for me on April 15th and all of us are glad that u/s confirmed his finding. The point is that just like I was confused, I thought many others may be feeling the same way and that I must clarify and help.

- Heidi, Troy MI – 10.09.2009