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Introducing: Gender Specific Natural Conception.

We present a logical, scientific and a proper way to conceive a boy or girl through two special tests:

PreGender Preconception test for conceiving a boy or girl before pregnancy.

FirstGender Postconception test for evaluating the gender of baby from day-1.

What has been going on?

Women have been fooled into numerous gimmicks like preaching by Dr. Shettles about light / heavy sperms or fast / slow moving sperms affecting gender of baby, gender diets and nutraceutical kits for conceiving boy or girl, acidic / alkaline douching, adjusting body or vaginal pH, selling electronic charts, books, Chinese charts, ovulation and sexual timings (O +/- 12 hr stress) and positions etc. For ages, these imaginary ideas have led to nothing but gender disappointment. We are surprised that many companies are cashing on the desperation of women by selling gender selection kits based on above failed ideas. Couples must understand that the process of gender selection appears to be genetically controlled. This process cannot be altered by eating, drinking or twisting your body. These malpractices continued till now because there was no logical program available. Not anymore.

What's new?

We discovered a new phenomenon in women. They have alternating boy-girl-boy-girl specific menstrual cycles. One cycle is more favorable to conceive a boy and the immediate next one for a girl.


To get a boy, conceive in a boy cycle. 

To get a girl, conceive in a girl cycle.

Our PreGender Preconception Test guides you in which cycle to conceive & when to avoid.

92% of couples are already getting their desired babies simply by conceiving in the proper cycle advised by us. We will award $5,000 to anyone showing us a better natural gender planning program than ours.

We have a Powerful Way to Conceive a Boy or Girl.

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Why do some families have all boys or all girls?

According to us, some couples get easily conceived in one type of phase only, leading to more boys or girls. The best examples to support our view are birth of 15th baby girl in India (Times of India news) and a 14th boy born to a family in Rockford, MI USA. 

We have learnt that if one has 2 babies of a gender, the chances of the third baby to be of same gender are even higher. THE ONLY ONE SYSTEM which can balance their families is our PreGender Preconception test. So please stop fooling around.