A powerful way to conceive a BOY or GIRL naturally.

A whole new way to conceive a boy or girl is discovered. This is the way it should be.

We are the original discoverers of a scientific & logical way to conceive a boy or girl through following patented* technology. It is based on our own amazing discovery that women have alternating boy-girl conceiving menstrual cycles. Pregnancy in appropriate cycle gets you your dream baby:

PreGender Preconception test for planning to conceive a boy or girl before pregnancy. Here we test two mid-cycle urine samples collected over two consecutive menstrual cycles, to know from where to start (see example below).

FirstGender Postconception test for evaluating the gender of baby from day-1. This is the earliest gender test in the world, currently showing 96.0% accuracy.

The success rate of our PreGender test has risen slowly from about 80% in 2006 to currently around 94%.  Websites selling gender diets tried their best to suppress us but our dedication and perseverance in this field has now made us the world leader in Gender Specific Natural Conception for Family Balancing. Readers are requested to ignore old negative comments about us for their own benefit. There's a reason why we ask couples to name the baby before starting our program.

Here's an example to show how it works:

Name of would be mother: ABC

Trying to conceive: A Boy

Name of proposed baby: XYZ 

Suppose 1st PreGender sample 5/1/18 showed girl phase, the 2nd 6/1/18 a boy phase. No more samples would be needed. After period start date 6/14/18, just assume a girl phase started. Avoid conception in whole cycle. Period start date 7/12/18 will be assumed boy phase. We send conception plan. If she conceives in this cycle, she has 94% chance of getting a boy which is confirmed by our FirstGender test. We report: Welcome XYZ to your family. No other gender selection companies you see on internet has that kind of guts because they know they are selling a scam.

The success rate of this program is three times higher than IVF / IUI.  Current thinking in all IVF / IUI clinics is to get the desired sperm, inject several billion times more hormones in woman and everything is going to be great. NO NO. The second reason IVF / IUI is lurking at 20% to 37% success rate is that they do not take womans' cycles into consideration. If a couple pays IVF center to conceive, say a boy, and if the wife is in girl phase, that attempt is bound to fail no matter how many millions they have spent on their clinic or how long degrees the specialist has. They are not listening to us right now. Soon they will. All women thinking of going for IVF / IUI must consult us first. Consultation is free.

Those who don't believe in us must read this recent study:  Genetic embryo screening before IVF does not improve chances of having a baby despite costing thousands, study finds https://lnkd.in/grxAGA7 hashtag#genetics hashtag#screens 

Couples with two or three babies of same gender must see 3 graphs near the end of this section to know what's going on & how we can balance their families.

*Our patents: U.S. 9,057,720, 8,759,109, 10,018,625, plus two European patents.


What's been going on? See how scammers have been fooling women & are still doing it.

Women have been grossly misguided by pregnancy related websites. For many years, women have been played by tricksters cashing on the desperation of women. They still fool them by selling baseless products like gender diets / nutraceutical kits for conceiving a boy or girl, acidic / alkaline douching, adjusting body or vaginal pH, remotely selling bogus electronic calendars / charts, books, promoting misguiding information about ovulation, sexual timings & positions. Even a book seller claims 100% success rate in conceiving a boy or girl. Shame on them.

Probably the greatest damage was done by Dr. Shettles who promoted a role of light/heavy or fast/slow moving sperms in swaying for a baby of specific gender, Agreed that there is slight difference in weight of X and Y sperms, but that does not mean that slightly heavier sperm can be made to reach the ovum by assuming certain sexual positions. Sperms are not balls of steel that they will roll down due to gravity. This idea has been debunked by NIH in this report: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1440662/. Many prominent pregnancy websites are still selling Dr. Shettles' misleading idea that girl sperm are stronger and more resilient, yet swim slower than boy sperm or by having sex several days before ovulation, the less resilient male sperm may die off, blah blah. What a bogus claim. They are causing gender disappointment in millions of women.

Couples must understand that the process of gender selection is genetically controlled and cannot be altered by eating, drinking or adjusting body pH. All those who are proposing to play around it, simply have no understanding of the complex female reproductive system. Our 35 years of experience in this industry shows that if any company sells you something to conceive a boy or girl without testing anything from you, that company is misguiding you and is a scam. This includes sites suggesting that there are charges on eggs and sperms. Selling just an imaginative idea is very easy and desperate women have been buying these. No one asks them as to how did they measure that charge remotely? There's a site which tells you when to conceive by asking the date of births of your children. God bless them. 

Still not convinced? Please click this and see: https://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/materna-sa/nationwide/materna-sa-babychoicecom-rightbabycom-selnascom-babygenderselectioncom-ripoff-dish-34674

These malpractices continued until now because there was no logical gender selection program available. Not anymore. It is time to close all those fraudulent shops.


WHAT'S NEW? This is really how to conceive a BOY/GIRL naturally. No gossip selling.

We discovered, proven and established that women have alternating boy-girl specific menstrual cycles. One cycle is more favorable to conceive a boy and the immediate next one to conceive a girl. It's due to alternating ratios of male to female hormones released by ovaries in the reproductive tract. These hormones are chemo-attractants for sperms. Since 94% couples are getting their desired babies simply by conceiving in the proper cycle advised by us, we believe that the gender selection is done by the uterus itself. So whereas man provides both X & Y chromosome bearing sperms, the uterus preferentially selects either X or Y, depending upon the kind of cycle she is in. Now one can conceive a girl or boy with greater confidence. It's no more a game of chance. The days of just keep trying are over. Pregnancies are occurring anyway, why not target the conception to get a small & balanced family?


   To conceive a boy, try in a boy cycle. 

   To conceive a girl, try in a girl cycle.

         We would like to sing it again.

   To conceive a boy, try in a boy cycle. 

   To conceive a girl, try in a girl cycle.

Our PreGender Preconception Test guides you in which cycle to conceive & when to avoid. This has proven to be only effective way to balance a family.

We never even talk about Dr. Shettles or any gender diets or douching. We will award $5,000 to anyone showing us a better natural gender planning program.

How does it work?

Suppose one is trying to conceive a boy. First of all, before getting pregnant, she needs to send us two mid-cycle urine samples collected from two consecutive menstrual cycles in two separate bottles. Suppose the first sample indicated boy phase, the second one will show a girl phase. We will send a conception plan for the third cycle because that will automatically show a boy phase. (There is no need to retest). If she conceives, she has 94% chance of getting a boy, and vice versa. This is how the gender selection happens naturally. 

This program is a blessing for couples who can conceive quickly. Those who have multiple babies of same gender, this is the only program available to successfully balance their families and we strongly believe that there's no other way.

Our confidence led us to declare a 'Gender Contract' program where we have even better success rate due to development of highly accurate and a costly procedure. 


Why do some couples get more boys or girls? Please scroll down to end of this page to know and see how we can help.

Proper Way to Conceive a Boy or Girl.

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Here's why some couples get more boys or girls.


Since women have alternating boy-girl specific menstrual cycles, some couples get easily conceived in one type of cycle only, leading to more boys or girls. The best examples to support our view are birth of 15th girl in India (Times of India news) and a 14th boy to a family in Rockford, MI USA. 

PreGender Preconception test is THE ONLY ONE SYSTEM to balance families by guiding them in which cycle to try and when to avoid conception. The following three graphs explain what's going on.