PreGender Preconception test


It is known that men have approximately 50-50% mixed suspension of X- and Y-chromosome-bearing sperms which actually ‘determine' the gender. In 1982, we just imagined that women must have an equal role in the development of baby’s gender. Well, now it is becoming clearer that hormones released by ovary differ slightly in each cycle thereby causing an environment in the uterus to put selection pressure in favor of X or Y sperms. This selection pressure alternates. One environment is more suitable for the conception of a baby boy, and the immediate next one for a baby girl. In other words, women have alternating boy-girl specific menstrual cycles. Therefore, we can effectively target conception of a boy or girl, just by trying in one cycle and avoiding conception in opposite cycle. That's it.

Some couples are more sensitive to conceive in one type of cycle, leading to more babies of the same gender. ONLY PreGender test can help them to break that gridlock and no other gimmick like gender dieting or douching will work.

We are the first to discover the following principles, based on which we launched our PreGender Preconception  Test program:

  1. Women have an equal role in gender formation. While a baby’s gender is ultimately ‘determined’ by sperm traits, the crucial step of ‘sexual selection and transformation’ appears to be ‘influenced’ by the hormonal environment of the uterus at the time of conception.
  2. There are two types of 'gender specific hormonal environments' in the uterus, which typically alternate between any two consecutive menstrual cycles. In one cycle, the uterus may be relatively richer in testosterone; in the immediate next cycle, it may be richer in estrogens. That means in one cycle she is ready to conceive a boy and in the next a girl. The environment with T/E ratio more than 1.0 favors conception of boys (we call it a boy phase) and that of less than 1.0 favors girls (girl phase). Since we have consistently seen that around 92% of couples who conceive in a boy environment are getting the boys and vice versa, it makes sense to conclude that the uterus has the power to sort and select X or Y chromosome bearing sperms and that it is possible to help her get the baby she wants just by guiding her to conceive in a proper cycle.
  3. The process of conception “locks” the existing hormonal environment and one stops alternating until the baby is miscarried or delivered. This is similar to the fact that one stops menstruating till the baby is miscarried or delivered. This is an important medical discovery which every woman and medical professional must know.
  4. We have developed reliable patened  methods to identify the minute differences in those environments by testing mid-cycle urine. It is not possible to find it by testing blood or saliva. These are special and patented methods not available anywhere else at this time.

This is entirely different from the thinking that cervical pH may be swaying for a boy or a girl. Many women even try to douche with acidic or alkaline solutions before the act which according to us is simply idiotic. Now it is clear that the cervical or urine pH has nothing to do with gender swaying or gender prediction because pH may change by the hour. Therefore, any gender planning or gender prediction test based on pH will fail. If any company offers gender selection plans without testing anything from you or by asking your date of birth or history of previous cycles or pregnancies, it is most probably a scam and will not work. 

Look what other scientists are saying about gender swaying using old ideas: 

We proved and established all of the above findings to conclude that gender-specific natural conception is now possible if one conceives in the appropriate menstrual cycle. 

All of this can be better understood via the graph shown below.. 

For How Long is this Test Good?

Once seen that one is alternating, that pattern should be good for life. But this is biology. Hormonal ratios keep on changing. Pregnancy is the biggest factor which can disturb this sequence. A lady is known to get pregnant at least 150 times in life but all of them do not go to full term. That means there is a chance of at least one conception within six months. When one misses periods by at least four days, that may be actually a temporary pregnancy. As you can see from the graph below, the conception locks the system for some time. Based on our experience now, we recommend one test after six months assuming a conception might have occurred in between.


To collect samples for planning to conceive a boy or girl

We have simplified the way to ship urine samples to us. Previously, upon receipt of order, we used to ship a package to the customer containing bottles and a prepaid UPS or FedEx courier. We are stopping that practice. We have simplified everything without affecting the results. Therefore customers are advised not to think that the sample will be spoiled without preservative. It would be getting better FOR OUR PURPOSES rather. We take care of all the samples upon arrival at our laboratory.

We are also charging one flat fee as follows from all customers across the globe:

PreGender Preconception test: USD 410.00. This fee is for testing two preconception tests. Any additional sample sent costs USD 175.00 each.

FirstGender Post-conception test: USD 175.00. This test can find the gender of the baby from day 1 of a positive pregnancy test.

Combined discounted fee for PreGender AND FirstGender test: USD 525.00

Multiple tests: Some couples want to get many samples tested by them. We offer them six pre-conception and one post-conception test at 20% discount for a total fee of $1125.00. To get this discount, the whole amount should be paid in full at the time of shipping the first set of preconception  samples.

All shipping costs to be paid by the customer to their local courier of her choice.

You can collect urine samples at your own convenience and ship it through the local post office, UPS or FedEx at your expense. 

Since we do not test for any bacteria, glucose or proteins in the sample, there is no need to have a sterile bottle and there is no need to refrigerate or freeze the sample. 

You will need following items. Most of them are easily available from home.

Please get any small hard plastic bottle from home. Any medicine bottle is fine. Just wash it thoroughly and check it does not leak.

A Ziploc envelope to enclose the bottle. This is needed to prevent any leaking of sample out of package.

Some paper napkins to be placed OUTSIDE the Ziploc envelope to absorb any leakage.

A small box or a bubble wrap envelope to enclose all of above.

A money order or certified cashier’s cheque for appripriate amount payable to UROBIOLOGICS LLC. You can also pay through our order form AFTER you have shipped your samples.

Please print this Consent form fill it out completely, sign it and include in the package.

Print two copies of this letter Exempt human specimen showing the law that it is legal to ship urine sample across international borders. Place one copy in the package for customs officials to see and take the other one with you to show to courier clerk, in case he/she refuses to take your package. Many times the clerk is not trained to accept urine samples. If still not accepting, request to talk to the supervisor.

The PreGender test has nothing to do with an ovulation test. So please do not stress about it. 

Since there two types of menstrual cycles, we need urine samples collected over two menstrual cycles in two separate bottles. Samples are collected on any two nights in one bottle and repeated next month in another bottle.

If you have a normal 28- to 30-day cycle, you can collect on any two nights between on 13th, 14th, 15th or 16th day from the period start date. (Example: suppose you started your periods on Jan 1st, you may collect on any two nights between Jan 14th or 15th or 16th or 17th). For the purpose of this test, the first day of full flow is considered the first day of menstrual cycle.

If you have irregular periods, only then you need ovulation tests and sample is collected when ovulation test is even slightly positive or you may call 313-574-7500 to discuss.

If you are taking some medicines, it would be better to take them after collecting the sample. Please consult with your physician about it.

We need urine sample representing whole night. Before going to bed, just pass urine. Do not collect this. We need approximately 1 teaspoonful (about 5ml) of sample anytime you go to the bathroom after this. If you wake up around 3 am, collect midstream urine in any disposable cup and pick up approximately one teaspoon or 5ml in the bottle. You do not have to be exact. Repeat the same around 7 or 8 am i.e. 5ml more go in the same bottle. Repeat the same for next night and add to the same bottle. This way you will have approx. 20ml of the sample. Your first month's sample is ready. Write your name and date of collection on it and store at room temperature till next month. Do not write your date of birth or period start date as that may confuse us. 

If you wake up straight in the morning, collect midstream morning urine in any large container and transfer approx 8-10ml of the sample (about two teaspoons) in the bottle. Repeat the same next night.

In the next cycle, collect your second sample as above in the second bottle. Now you are ready to ship both of the bottles together.

How to Ship PreGender Preconception Test Samples

Enclose the two bottles in separate Ziploc bags and seal them. Please do not put any adhesive tape around the bottles and do not keep any paper napkin touching the bottle because if it leaks the sample is absorbed by the paper and we cannot work on it. Place few paper napkins OUTSIDE the Ziplock bag. Place everything in a small cardboard box or a bubble wrap envelope and seal it.

Enclose a money order for appropriate amount in a separate Ziploc bag so that it does not get contaminated with sample in case there is a leak. Place this as well as the sample envelope in the large envelope from your courier. If you forget, you can also pay through our order form AFTER you have shipped your samples. 

If the package is being shipped from outside the USA, you will need to fill a customs form (available from courier’s office). It is legal to ship urine samples from healthy individuals across international borders. If the clerk refuses to take your package, you may ask to talk to the manager. 

Enter the following information on the customs form:

SHIPPED TO: Urobiologics LLC, 31628 Glendale Ave., Livonia MI 48150 USA

DESCRIPTION: Exempt Human Urine Specimen, non-infectious.

WEIGHT: 0.5 lb

VALUE: $1.0

Note: Do not put ice or dry ice in the package. It will start leaking and will not be delivered. 

We report the result next day after receiving your payment and sample. For privacy reasons, we never call any customer. You are requested to call or email us to get the report.

After testing these two samples we will keep guiding as to in which cycle to try to conceive and when to avoid. For couples trying to conceive a baby of specific gender, only PreGender test will show how to conceive a boy or girl properly.