About Us

Kuldeep Verma, Ph.D. The founder of Urobiologics.

The vision + Dedication = Award winning concept.


I won President Award on an invention. That made me famous. One of my friends who had four daughters suggested me to work on something to balance the families. I was lucky to have support from two local maternity hospitals and within two years I developed a post-conception gender prediction test giving 91% accuracy at that time. I also got a weird notion that just like there are two kinds of sperms, there must be something two kinds of in women too. Nature never plays one sided game. While studying for my doctoral degree, I continued working on urine samples before pregnancy. The lucky year was 2006, when for the first time I realized that women have two kinds of menstrual cycles. It was not until 2008 when I discovered that almost all those who conceive in boy cycles are getting boys and vice versa. A new concept of Gender Specific Conception was born. My unabated dedication has made me world leader in natural family balancing. The power is so big that I’m now ‘teaching’ IVF fertility experts to send their patients through PreGender test, if they really want to jump their accuracy from current 37% to at least 80%.

In this venture, I have been helped by Sumeet Verma, M.D.; Manisha Verma MPH, CPA and Mr Amit Bhatnagar, CPA; Michael Hynes, MD in advisory capacities. I’m thankful to all of them.


1) As of 11/1/18, we tested nearly 3200 preconception samples (from 1600 non-pregnant women), around 380 out of them informed us of conception. 350 couples from this pool got their dream babies. That’s a lot of satisfaction.

2) I’m proud to announce that the tap water all cities across USA are drinking is solely due to my creative effort to force the management of Detroit wastewater treatment plant to stop adding dangerous industrial waste (ferrous chloride) produced by local steel industry. The management was misguided by these industrial giants for the last 80 years that this chemical will remove phosphate from water. All the engineers (about 10,000 of them) just did their jobs and didn’t do anything. There were other corrupt contractors who were ripping the city of billions of dollars and made it bankrupt.

I had to produce technical data and convince the managements to stop using this chemical and also to replace the use of chlorine with air or oxygen alone. As a result of this effort, Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant has come out from losing $100 million per year in 2002 to currently doubly profitable.

Had this work been done by an American, he would be a hero today.