My doctor doesn’t believe in your work.

Your doctor has good reason for not believing in this world changing concept because this discovery has put us about 25 years ahead in this field and sounds too good to be true. it’s going to be in medical books later. Request him to keep checking our Live Charts to gain trust in it.

Have you published it?

Our five patents should be considered credible publications. A reputed university is doing clinical trial on our concept. Expect a publication in top medical journals by August 2020. We can produce a video actually showing that sperms are preferentially driven towards follicular fluids drawn from boy or girl phases. That would put a new light on the female reproductive system.

I fear the urine sample may get spoiled during shipment.

No. We have learnt this after a long time that for our tests, samples must be kept at room temperature for at least two days (Patented). The older the sample the better. Hormones are very sturdy molecules and are not destroyed by time.

What is the secret behind your customers conceiving faster?

The information about ‘conception’ on internet is misleading. Conception will occur only when the egg is released from follicle and this process differs from women to women. About 35% women do release the egg during middle of cycle when ovulation test is positive. However, some women release it a week or ten days later. So if you are trying to conceive simply by relying on ovulation test you may take years to conceive, That is why we recommend trying to conceive throughout the cycle. Conception will occur whenever the egg is out.

What are your fees?

PreGender Preconception test, where we test two samples = USD 510.00
FirstGender Post-conception test to know baby’s gender as early as day-1 = USD 175.00
The whole package with 10% discount = USD 615.00
If one wants to quit the program after some time, the discounted post-con test fee is refunded.
For women with multiple babies of same gender and / or irregular cycles, we offer a 20% discounted package for $1365.00. This includes six PreGender and one FirstGender post-conception test.

Do you test anything from man or recommend anything for him to do?

No. Nothing. Leave him alone and please do not try to change his pH etc as some website are foolishly promoting.

What if you are wrong? What’s your refund policy?

It is critical to understand what’s an error and what is not. Suppose one is using our PreGender Preconception program to conceive a boy and she conceives in boy phase. There’s 8% chance that our post-conception test may detect a girl. That’s not the error of this test because in a boy phase, there is slight chance that an X sperm can also go ahead and fertilize. It’s nobody’s fault.
However, for example, if the post-conception test reported a girl and the ultrasound scan finds a boy, that is an error and we refund the post-conception gender determination test fee. Preconception test fees are non-refundable.

What documents do you need to get a refund?

Usually nothing except the proof that u/s report was opposite. In some rare cases, we may request for a copy of birth certificate because in that case, we may believe that our report may be correct.

Do you ship anything after an order is placed?

No. Nothing is shipped by us. The customer simply collects urine sample as shown under each test and ships using couriers of their choice at their cost. It is legal to ship urine samples across international borders under ‘exempt human specimen’ classification. The sample gets better by time at room temperature, without any preservative, for our purposes (patented). The older the sample, better the accuracy.

How was the 92% success rate for PreGender Preconception test determined?

We ran Live Charts in 2012 and 2015 where we posted customer’s test data along with her email address on our website with her due permission. All results were posted in advance to show the world how realistic our program is. One customer out of 13 got the baby of opposite sex she planned for. Although it was not our error as explained above, that customer posted negative comments about us everywhere on the internet. We had to close our Live Charts. Our customers wanted to bring it back because they get a feeling of community.

We have a history of more boy babies (or girl babies). Can we still conceive a baby of the opposite sex?

Absolutely. Our PreGender Preconception program is a blessing for couples having more babies of the same gender. We are the only one who have really understood this puzzle and have a powerful solution. Some couples conceive very easily in one type of phase only. Remember a family with 14 boys in Rockford Michigan?. We openly declare that PreGender test is THE ONLY natural way to balance such families. All other gender sway gimmicks on internet will fail.

Is there any diet required to be successful?

No, not at all. We do not believe any diet can help you select the baby you want. Only scammers are making money off this misinformation. We will not even talk about it. Your hormones will do everything for you. All you have to do is use that power bestowed in you, guided by our PreGender preconception test.

Can I take egg inducing medicines to speed up conception?

For God sake, NO. You will mess up everything. Physicians know nothing about it. They will give it to you, if you ask, to make some bucks.

Can I take prenatal vitamins?

Yes, but make sure it should not have any hormone supplement. You do not need anything extra. Everything has been perfectly built-in for you and is under strong genetic control.

Will this program work for me if I have irregular periods?

Yes, The conception may take longer than usual. Also, you may need to go for a multiple test pack involving 6 pre-con and one post-con test. We offer that at 20% discount for only $1365. We will work to help you.

What about customers ordering from other countries?

We use order processing through PayPal. It automatically does the currency conversion for you.