Find the gender of baby from day-1

We offer the earliest gender evaluation test in the world, starting as early as day-1. If you got a positive pregnancy test 5 days before expected period date, you may start collecting urine samples for next three nights in one bottle and ship to us. We can evaluate gender of the baby with around 95.5% accuracy. There is no need to wait till 9th week or later. We email the results within 48 hr of receipt of samples.

How to collect samples for FirstGender test?

We have simplified the way to ship urine samples to us. Previously, upon receipt of order, we used to ship a package to the customer containing bottles and a prepaid UPS or FedEx courier. We are stopping that practice. We have simplified everything without affecting the results. Therefore customers are advised not to think that the sample will be spoiled without preservative. It would be getting better FOR OUR PURPOSES rather. We take care of all the samples upon arrival at our laboratory.

This test can be done from day 1 you confirm pregnancy, as early as 5 days before the expected period date. Here we need urine sample collected over 3 nights pooled in one small bottle.

You can collect urine samples at your own convenience and ship it through the local post office, UPS or FedEx or DHL at your expense.

Since we do not test for any bacteria, glucose or proteins in the sample, there is no need to have a sterile bottle and there is no need to refrigerate or freeze the sample.

Please get any small hard plastic bottle from home. Any medicine bottle is fine. Wash it thoroughly and check that it does not leak.

If you are taking some medicines, it would be better to take them after collecting the sample. Please consult with your physician about it.

We need a urine sample representing whole night. Before going to bed, just pass urine. Do not collect this. We need approximately 1 teaspoonful (about 5ml) of sample anytime you go to the bathroom after this. If you wake up around 3 am, let it go for 2-3 seconds then collect midstream urine in any large container and pick up approximately one teaspoon or 5ml and put it in the bottle. You do not have to be exact. Repeat the same around 7 or 8 am i.e. 5ml more go in the same bottle. Repeat the same for next two nights and add to the same bottle. This way you will have approx. 30ml of a sample. Write your name and date of collection on it and you are ready to ship it to us. Do not write your date of birth or period start or missed date as that will confuse us.

If you wake up straight in the morning, collect midstream morning urine in any large container and transfer about two teaspoons in the bottle. Repeat the same for next two nights.

How to pack and ship FirstGender Post-Conception Test Samples:
Please download and print Consent form and Exempt Human Specimen forms provided at the end of this page, fill it out the consent form completely, sign it and include in the package. Print two copies of Exempt human specimen letter. It shows the law on our company letterhead that it is legal to ship urine sample from healthy individuals across international borders. Place one copy outside the package along with airway bill from courier for customs officials to see and take the other one with you to show to courier clerk, in case he/she refuses to take your package. Many a times the clerk is not trained to accept urine samples. If still not accepting, request to talk to the supervisor.

How to pack samples?
1) Make sure your name and date of collection is written on the bottle.
3) Do not put ice or dry ice in the package. It will start leaking and will not be delivered.
4) Enclose the bottle in a Ziploc envelop and seal it. Do not keep any paper napkin touching the bottle because if it leaks the sample is absorbed by the paper and we cannot work on it.
5) Place at least 5-6 paper napkins OUTSIDE the Ziploc envelop. Place everything in a small cardboard box or a bubble wrap envelope available at courier’s office and seal it.
6) Enclose the bank draft, cashier check or money order for USD 175.00 in a separate Ziploc envelop so that it does not get contaminated with sample in case there is a leak. Place this as well as the sample envelope in the large envelope from your courier. If you forget, you can also pay through our order form AFTER you have shipped your samples.
7) MOST IMPORTANT: WRITE “EXEMPT HUMAN URINE SPECIMEN, NON-INFECTIOUS” on the outermost shipping envelop for faster clearance by custom officials.

If the package is being shipped from outside the USA, you will need to fill a customs form (available from courier’s office). Enter the following information on the customs form:
SHIPPED TO: Urobiologics LLC, 31628 Glendale St., Livonia MI 48150 USA
DESCRIPTION: Exempt Human Urine Specimen, non-infectious.
WEIGHT: 0.5 lb
VALUE: $1.0

We report the result within 3 days after receiving your payment and sample. For privacy reasons, we never call any customer. You are requested to call or email us to get the report.

Disclaimer: Our tests are suitable for healthy women. Certain personal circumstances, medical conditions including high fever at the time of sample collection and medications like antidepressants can adversely affect the performance of these tests. These include menopausal symptoms, impaired liver or kidney function, poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, and treatments that might affect your cycle e.g. hormonal contraception, certain fertility treatments and hormone replacement therapy. Couples with medically diagnosed fertility problems should consult their physician before using this service. We do not support any type of unethical gender selection. Your participation is voluntary and this test’s intended use is for satisfying personal curiosity and is not offered to customers with addresses in State of Maryland, and State of New York. All services on this website are subject to the Service Agreement. This hypothesis has not been proven or backed by any scientific body. Also, no large-scale clinical trials have been performed except our in-house studies and use of this concept on nearly 40,000 couples. We do not know the exact nature of the compounds involved at this time but the data shows that we offer the most accurate and the earliest non-invasive gender prediction test in the world.
The views expressed on this website are solely of Dr. Kuldeep Verma based on real test data as well as his direct personal experiences with customers. Other officials in our team offer only technical advise to the company. They are not responsible for any of the information presented here and will not reply to your emails. All questions should be directed to Dr. Kuldeep Verma at who will personally answer them. All the disclaimers and terms conditions posted on this website apply. All rights reserved 2020 by Urobiologics LLC

  • Consent Form (pdf)
  • Exempt Human Specimen Declaration (pdf)