Refund Policy

We are the original and only one discoverer of this world changing concept. This is the only program delivering results. Our Preconception program has 92% success rate in getting your dream baby and post conception test is 95.5% accurate in finding gender of baby. Most errors are due to sampling error by customers. If samples are OK, our results have high confidence to be OK.

It is critical to understand what’s an error and what is not. Suppose one is using our PreGender Preconception program to conceive a boy and she conceives in boy phase. There’s 8% chance that our post-conception test may detect a girl. That’s not the error of this test because in a boy phase, there is slight chance that an X sperm can also go ahead and fertilize. It’s nobody’s fault.

However, for example, if our post-conception test reported a girl and the ultrasound scan finds a boy, that is an error and we refund the post-conception gender determination test fee actually paid by customers. Preconception test fees are non-refundable.